If you answer “no” to more than one of these questions, we can help!

Gallup’s employee engagement research shows that, on average, 64 percent of employees are “completely disengaged” from their job.

A disengaged employee is someone who:

affects other
employees negatively

usually doesn’t
enjoy their work

does the bare
minimum or less

speaks negatively about their employer

Ignite Performance
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Ignite Mondays

So, what is the big deal about Mondays? 

For most people, Monday is the day they go back to work  and it is either manic or mundane. They are forced away from the freedom they enjoyed over the weekend when they could do what they want, when they want, how they want. A time where they could focus on things that gave them purpose, that added value and meaning to their lives.

For businesses, Mondays hold three essential aspects:

Ever laughed, guiltily, at an episode of “The Office” or sang too enthusiastically to the song “Manic Monday”?

It has become universally okay to hate Mondays. Along with employee engagement research popular culture, including music and TV shows, prove that.

But why? Are they really always that bad?

Mondays are considered punishment, and this is directly related to the concept that to have to work is punishment.

Think of all those glitzy TV ads showing beautiful people in luxurious surroundings. There is never a mention of work in those idyllic environments.

But we aren’t those people, so where does that leave us?

“Monday Blues” is directly related to work. Mondays are a health hazard and research shows an increase in anxiety, depression and suicide to Sunday evenings. If anything, the past 18 months have shown the importance of employee wellbeing and how, as businesses, we can no longer turn a blind eye.

So what can be done about it?

Winners know that no one wins consistently by always being last to start. Athletes understand that they have to get off the starting blocks quickly and efficiently to set themselves up for the win. Similarly, racing drivers always want to start at pole position.

Businesses overlook the “starting blocks” and “pole position” of human performance every time they underestimate a Monday, even though they invest thousands if not hundreds of thousands in their teams in a bid to win at performance, profitability and sustainability.

If, in your business, you don’t make the best use of Mondays:

You cannot win the week

Monday is 20% of a 45-hour workweek. How much productivity is lost when paying for a 5-day week and team members only contribute 4-days a week.


What would be your return on investment if you could improve performance with even 25% on a Monday?

It may seem a small improvement but see what happens to the rest of the week. Think of the 1% rule which shows that even a small change will improve results dramatically because of the cumulative effect.

You cannot win the month

Businesses cannot survive in circumstances where team members are not contributing and where they may even have a negative impact on co-workers and clients.


A 25 % increase in performance on four successive Mondays will have a compounding effect on all the days of the week, and by extension ignite the whole month.

You cannot win the year

Annual financial results, specifically revenue and profitability, will show the effect of having employees who don’t find meaning and purpose in what they do.


Getting out of the starting blocks quickly and efficiently is relevant for Mondays and improves performance during the year, for example: in January, when few companies see employees ready to hit the ground running. Or over the Festive Season when performance takes a slump as “no one will be in the office in any way”. Or when team members return from a long vacation.

At PerformForward we work at three levels with clients to create Magic Mondays:

  1. Maximize individual performance

  2. Maximize team performance 

  3. Maximize business performance

All services are available for customization to include employee wellness and remote work.

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