When we think of personal development, we usually think of taking a course or developing a specific skill, and while these do develop us as people, they don’t develop who we are as people.

When we talk resolutions and goals, planning is the single greatest roadblock on anyone’s journey. We have great intent to ‘do the thing’ and we may even get started on it, but somewhere along the line, it quietly fizzles out.

I started the year by focusing on personal development, though I have been focusing on it more intensely these last few weeks because I know that, as the year wears on into February and March, life has gotten fully back into gear, with the rhythms of our schedules taking over, and our resolutions soon forgotten or pushed to the wayside.

I recently used the metaphor of a stagnant pond to discuss what it is to halt your personal development – equating a stagnant pond to a person who isn’t growing. Normally, when people discuss personal development, they assume we are talking about skills training for work. This is the easiest way to grow, but there is a difference between skills development and personal development.

One of the most important goals people give up on, is that of personal development. From a business perspective, companies tend to focus more on training technical skills than personal development, focusing on courses that will directly benefit the business.