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Helping Others When They Are Not Resilient

During and after the Industrial Revolution, the work mantra was almost “leave yourself at home”, but today we understand that employees are human beings regardless of location. Managers are often confronted by a situation where an employee’s personal life negatively affects their work performance and they cannot deal with it independently.

The Skill No One Wants to Need: Resilience

Throughout our lives, we encounter numerous stressors that test our resilience. Typically, these challenges arise from external events affecting us individually or collectively. However, we must also consider the challenges we impose on ourselves. How do we maintain resilience when the difficulties are self-inflicted? How do we endure a storm of our own making?

Types of Emotional Resilience

Resilience is one of those words that we use, often without defining or explaining which type of resilience we are referring to. For many, resilience is about ‘having grit’, pushing through against the odds, keeping your emotions to yourself, never letting go, and never giving up.

Sustain: Solving Procrastination

Procrastination is a rut that is all too easy to fall into and get stuck in. Having now discussed how to get out of that rut, today we look at staying out of it and remaining productive via the Sustain Process. As they say, “The work is ongoing.

Unblock: Solving Procrastination

Productivity is, in many ways, less about discipline, and more about fun. Procrastination is a rut, and finding ways to have fun with your work is the solution to getting out of it. The real challenge lies in keeping this energy flowing – it needs to be unblocked.

Energise: Solving Procrastination

The rut that is procrastination is all too easy to fall into and difficult to get out of. In recent weeks, I have discussed the causes of procrastination, as well as what it looks like. Now, it is time to discuss solving the problem entirely – and the solution might surprise you.